Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Titles I can't believe are unavailable on DVD part 2!

The Alchemist is actually one I have never seen, and also I never really hear anyone talking about it. So who knows if it's actually worthy of a disc release, but it's got really cool poster artwork, and I love anything even resembling a horror movie, so...sure bring it on!

Aaaahhhhhh yeah! Now we're talking! This is definitely on my short list of must haves. Another one that I own on VHS. It's so friggin bizarre it's hard to put it into words what it's about. But here goes: A young boy along with his punkrock sister and conspiracy theorist survival nut grandfather must survive the invasion of a disgusting mutant blob dog alien, that has been transported to their house by their swinger parent's new satelitte dish. Throw in a failed aliens rescuer who's head explodes inside his platic bubble helmet and a huge breasted Elvira clone named Medusa to complete the feeling you are watching a fever dream put to film. I LOVE this movie!

Considering how popular any and all slasher films are, I'm surprised this one has been ignored for so long. Erupting from the golden age of slasher movies, Curtains is a fairly decent film, even better than some of the other films of it's type that have seen a digital format release. Six women are in a house trying out for a part in a director's film despite the ravings of an aged actress past her prime who feels she is still perfect for the part. They are picked off one by one, and in classic slasher formula, it's left for the audience to figure out if the killer is the eccentric director, the failed actress, or one of the girls themselves cutting away the competition. Creepy dolls, and a killer in an old man mask with long white hair are the memorable visual cues in this forgotten slicer and dicer.

Even more on the way soon!


Steve Miller, Writer of Stuff said...

Actually, "The Alchemist" is on DVD, in a bargain-based-priced, no-frills version released by Synergy.

Check out my review to see if you think it's worth hunting down.

The Charles Band Collection: 'The Alchemist' is so-so early effort of Band

Drymonema said...

Glad to find another fan of TerrorVision! What a spectacularly bizarre film. And I will now search high and low for the others that you've mentioned.