Friday, August 27, 2010

Costume Quest available Halloween for PS3 and Xbox

It may come as a surprise to all of you, (yeah right) that my favorite holiday of the year is Halloween. And with as great as it is, it has never really gotten the level of admiration that Christmas does. Although within recent years, October 31, and all its traditions and decorations seems to have jumped a quantum leap in recognition. I think the turning point was the huge success of Tim Burton's wonderful film Nightmare Before Christmas.

I already mentioned in my previous posts that AMC's The Walking Dead will premier on Halloween this year, and I just found out today that PS3 Network and Xbox Live will have the game Costume Quest available for download purchase only!

This is the first video game that actually has the holiday of Halloween and all of it's atmosphere and traditions as the main theme and focus of the story. You play small children who face a group of witches and monsters that are out to ruin All Hallow's Eve. Through practicing minigames like trick or treat, and bobbing for apples you gain RPG style experience and abilities that allow you to progress further.

And the most endearing part of it to me is that your characters are dressed in extremely homemade traditional costumes such as a robot made out of cardboard boxes, but you can gain powerups to transform your costume into it's ultimate imaginary ideal (such as in the screenshot above). This attention to making a game be all about children is something I find to be tremendously engaging as it is all too easy to look at Halloween anymore as an "adult" holiday filled with drunken parties and skanky outifts. Not that I have a problem with those things, but too much of old school Halloween activites are almost non existint lately.

The creator of the critically acclaimed Psychonauts from a couple years ago is behind this, and he has a reputation for very witty dialogue and fun gameplay style, so I have high hopes for this.

Check out the link to the main page here at There isn't much there at the moment, but there is a preview video that should give everyone a very clear idea as to whether or not this is for you. Let me know what you think!

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Andrew Green said...

I friggin' LOVED Psychonauts....
This looks awesome.