Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wolfman Trailer

This should go a very long way in relieving some of the fears brought on by a post I made a little while ago about Universal's intent to change the iconic look of this character.
Now that there is an actual full length trailer out that clearly shows what the Wolfman looks like, I feel any changes they make will be superficial at best.
Feast your eyes on this beautiful trailer!!!! In fact since imbedding the youtube player cuts off almost half of the frame of their HD videos, you owe it to yourself to use the link below to go directly to youtube and watch it in all its glory

(EDIT) Well, trust me it was great. Looks like the trailer has been pulled off of youtube. Sorry folks


atomicfox said...

i love this trailer. can't wait for the movie!
check out my horror movie blog for the latest horror news and the occasional creepy treasure
thanks! :)

The Man With No Name said...

Most people I talked didn't like the way it was being recreated. I saw the trailer and was excited, I think they are doing a damn good job.

Delta said...

Yes I hate it when something just vanishes.

Geof said...

I was lucky enough to see the trailer in the theater before Halloween 2. It looks great and Del Toro looks like he will kill in his role. Boo Youtube.