Saturday, August 15, 2009

Artist spotlight: Bryan Baugh

Thought I would do something a little different tonight and direct all of your attention to an artist that I have been a big fan of for about a year now, Bryan Baugh. His works are in the vein of EC Comics mixed with the blood and babes of classic and current horror movies. He cites Bernie Wrightson and Jack Davis as inspirations, and you can absolutely see a lot of Jack Davis influence in his linework. Most of Wrightson's influence is noticeable in his composition and the design of his creatures, especially rotting shambling corpses. His pieces are fantastic in black and white, but what I'm also a huge fan of is his colored work. Bright and vibrant when they need to be, and murky and dark when it's called for. There are so many to choose from this will be kind of a long post because I could't narrow down what I wanted to include here.
Clicking on any of the images will blow them up to their full resolution. I highly reccomend it to see all the detail in these.

I love the computer coloring in this adding the shadow of the floor grates on to everyone. It really punches it up and makes the light source coming from underneath very obvious.

Let's hope the new Wolf Man movie has a creature that looks this good. One of my favorite classic monsters and one of my favorite pieces from Bryan.

Absolutely perfect colors on this lots of darkness reminding you of where the crate was located in the film, in a deep dark corner underneath the stairs, and then a BLAST of bright red and blue colors right before she gets bitten. Incredible!

This one has everything that made the movie so fantastic, and quite fitting that Mathilda May is the center of the piece.

I would LOVE to have both of Bryan's Creature pieces on aqua colored t-shirts that match the backround of each piece and on the back in huge lettering, have the Creature From The Black Lagoon title logo. Both of these are so beautiful.

I love all the gonzo elements in this that remind me of how friggin wild this movie was, right down to Meg's blood slobbered nips!

Like I said there were so many to choose from and there is at least twice this, if you want to check out his Deviantart page at He is also being spotlighted in the 25th issue of the comic book Hack And Slash, which is a title that everyone should already be picking up anyway. If you're not, what are you waiting for!?!?!


The Man With No Name said...

Holy crap those are down right amazing! The Dusk till Dawn one really blows my mind.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Very cool stuff.

New to your blog. Very enjoyable.

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