Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Human Centipede trailer

Ok, how in the world is this movie not directed by David Cronenberg? This has his "body horror" stamp all over it. I can't wait to see this and support it as a theatrical release since it is not a sequal or a remake and looks very very horrifying, especially since the trailer implies that the disgusting premise actually happens to the characters. It's coming from IFC films though, so a full nationwide release is probably not in the cards. If you see it playing in your area, please go see it!


Bill (RSR) said...

My two cents: Sure, it's original, but it doesn't seem to actually say anything. It's about the shock of seeing three people joined mouth to anus. That's it, beginning and end, alpha and omega. Cronenbers used body horror to explore deeper themes; VIDEODROME is not about entrails exploding out of TV screens and gun-hands. HUMAN CENTIPEDE just seems to have no subtlety to it.

Incidentally, this is HUMAN CENTIPEDE (FIRST SEQUENCE). Director Tom Six has stated that a sequel, HUMAN CENTIPEDE (FULL SEQUENCE) is in the works, which may feature a human centipede made up of as many as twelve individuals. FIRST SEQUENCE is meant more to acclimate audiences to the idea of seeing people surgically joined mouth to anus.

Anyways, just my two cents.

Cory said...

Well, what it says to me is that there are waaaaay too many horror movies where the most horrifying thing to happen to the characters is the threat of the premise, and not what actually occurs in the film. Most of the time you know exactly who is going to survive and who isnt. And there is almost always survivors who come out of the situation intact. With this film we are almost guarunteed of some very unnerving moments. And not just of the physical trauma that will happen, but the mental anguish the characters will go through when it is explained what it is they will be experiencing.
I love ALL types of horror films, but to me these elements are far more horrific to me than a bunch of one demisional teens running through a forest getting picked off in the same ways we have seen a hundred times.
What does everyone else think?