Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey I am an award winner!!

What a nice surprise! I come back from spending 30 hours in a hospital to witness my best friend giving birth to her baby boy, and I find this amazingly gracious accomadation waiting for me.
Courtesy of Hayes Hudson's House Of Horror. A few other noteworthy horror blogs received this. I highly reccomend checking the page out for links to other great blogs you may be missing out on. Also, he just started his 2nd offical contest there with the prize of a 3D version of the original Nosferatu on DVD!


Chet Of The Undead said...

Congratulataciones man!!

Hmmm...that blog sounds like a cozy spot and this one doesn't seem too bad either!

Methinks I'll be back. ;)


Thanks for mentioning my contest! If you could make a link to my site I would appreciate it so people will know where to go for the contest! I want as many people to enter as possible!!!
GREAT SITE by the way, very deserving of the award!!