Thursday, July 16, 2009

suspended animation

Ok, it's been brought to my attention (finally by someone other than myself) that the 7 months since my last update to this blog is long enough of a break. Having said that, I am going to take advantage of my abundant free time, to make this a somewhat fun place to be to the 2 people who may randomly stop in to see it (Hi Jessica and Vanessa ^_^)
I'm going to assume that since it's come and gone in theaters, and is now available on DVD that everyone has seen My Bloody Valentine 3-D, so I won't bother with the review I was going to do for it except to say I loved it, and if you haven't seen it, go buy it and watch it! BUT don't bother watching it in 3-D at home. That still hasn't been perfected yet.
SO! While I am thinking of some fun things to do to spruce up the joint, I'm going to ask my immense fanbase if there is anything they wish me to write about? Any movies that you're curious about and want a review for? Is there anything you've seen lately that you enjoyed and recommend?

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J. Astro said...

well, hey there. Look who ISN'T dead after all. Nice to see ya again, bud!