Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hello, boils and ghouls!!

I just wanted to post SOMETHING on here tonight after spending the last couple hours playing around with the various widgets and fonts and other blog programming thingamajiggers.

Hopefully this will be something I really get into and will be adding to all the time. My goal is to make this a place for friends to come and read reviews and thoughts on B-movies and to contribute with similar ideas and thoughts.

I also will be partnering with in their associates program. What's that mean you ask? Well over to your, your other right. ye- uh back...THERE on your right is an example of a handy Amazon widgit that will have reccomended titles and such. Any time you click on any of my links to the page, I get a small cut of everything that is purchased on the website that day. That being said, if anyone that regularly comes here and enjoys my page, would be kind enough to use it I would be greatly pleased.

I will be playing around with things here for a little while until I get the hang of how to operate everything and then hopefully start adding material soon.

Have fun, fiends!

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